Our team of Marble Experts always takes pride in helping you understand the product as well as the process. Our 4-step EASY process will guide you.

Step #1   Estimate

Your estimate consists of material selection, thickness of the slab and the edge profile. Keep in mind that stone can vary in price just like most products. Stone thickness will range from ¾” (2CM) to an 1 ¼” (3CM).

Backsplashes are an important part of the estimating process. If you want a custom backsplash, it would be good to inquire about this during this phase.

Our professionals are standing by to provide you with a FREE estimate! 870-863-5033

Step #2   Arrange & Coordinate

Once you give us the “green light” to move forward, the next step will be to arrange a time for installation. Take into account that fabrication and installation process can take several weeks depending on the scope of engagement.

If you are using a building contractor, we will personally coordinate with them to ensure that your job is done in a timely manner.

A deposit will be required at this time.

Step #3   Stencil & Fabricate (Manufacture)

The next step will be to make a stencil or template of your countertop. By making the template, we will know exactly where to make the right cuts for corners and sinks.

Now this is where our professional craftsmen take over! Using the template, they will carefully transform your selected stone into your dream countertop.

Step #4   Your Dream Installed!

Lastly, our Expert Installers will turn your dream into reality. After carefully installing your stone, we will provide you with a FREE care kit and a contact person if you have any questions.





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